Spendwith launched in June of 2017 as a company and app with a mission to highlight cultural shopping. Over the past year, we raised funding, pivoted, attended a pre-accelerator, pivoted again and finally realized that Spendwith as a company could do great things by heading in a new direction. This has been an awesome learning experience and we're excited about our new mission and upcoming products.

Spendwith's new mission is as a tech startup that's focused on connecting consumers with products and services.

We have 3 new platforms that fulfill this vision.

STAA.SH:  A product recommendation site that gives social media users a way to help friends, family & followers find their "staash" or preferred group of related products. A "staash" can be the camera gear you use, pieces to an outfit, your collection of makeup and more. Users add their affiliate code to the products in their staash to generate commissions from their recommendations.

SECONDBUY.COM:  A marketplace of items from local thrift stores, consignment shops, vintage shops and pawn shops. SecondBuy aggregates items from the FB and Instagram feeds of these second-hand retailers and provides a marketplace for "thrifters" to discover deals instantly. SecondBuy also provides local retailers with social media marketing, websites and other online services.

INCLUZION.CO:  A site for finding diverse (black, brown, women) freelancers. Find diverse freelancers to hire or find freelance gigs to work on.


Previous Investment Rounds

Spendwith completed its first investment funding round with 215 people investing $47,363.56 using Title III.

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Connecting Consumers with Products and Services.