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People enjoy discovering new shopping experiences, but for many, it’s difficult finding experiences they can trust.

But who wouldn't trust a brand or business recommendation from members of their social circles (i.e., hobbyists, fans, foodies, culture, religion, gender, etc) or friends and family?

According to the globally recognized Nielsen rating company and it’s 2015 report, “The most credible form of advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. “

Our app makes it fun & simple to discover, bookmark & share recommended shopping experiences (links, locations & social media posts) from those who share similar social & cultural circles as you.




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Spendwith completed its first investment funding round with 215 people investing $47,363.56 using Title III.

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What People Are Saying

Great solution! Helped my African clothing business “Afric Attire” get the exposure we were looking for!

Joel Udotong

Business Owner

Great app. I have been looking for a way to find great quality and support local businesses. Thanks for developing this app.

Ahmed Abdullahi

App User

Great app everyone should download today to buy a culturally based item that may be hard to find!

William Shelton

Businesses Ower/App User

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